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The Challenge

The challenge of modern business performance is becoming even more complex. Market competition, consumer awareness, and rapid changes in the demands of society in general, all contribute to a scenario in which technology competence and technology leadership, using strategic ingenuity, are extremely important factors.

The concept of the modern Management of Technology is much wider than just technical issues, it encompasses economics, productivity, social and political issues and more. In short, it is the Management of Technology to make a profit, in our socio-political circumstances, that is the key to success.

An understanding of the behaviour of technologies and their social and economic impact is essential for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Skilful Technology Strategy presents endless challenges and opportunities to business and industrial leaders.

The challenge is to produce people who can understand and manipulate technology options innovatively, in the context of social, economic and political circumstances.

The Strategy

The course strategy is based upon the concept of a Sphere of Perception. From their existing sound core of understanding of technical concepts, the candidates are exposed to multidisciplinary problems including facets from interacting disciplines.

The course is aimed at experiential learning, not teaching in the classical sense. Candidates are exposed to information and situations in a structured manner, and guided so that they each absorb their own maximum learning experience in a balanced fashion.

Candidates are exposed to enough working knowledge of other disciplines to make them feel comfortable working, while maintaining their own personal expertise base.