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"Stratek is a Management Consultancy focused primarily in the fields of Strategic and Tactical Plan Development"

Primary Areas of Activity

Management consulting

Stratek carries out future scenario development in conjunction with the client organisation's management team. Such a strategy development includes the formulation of probable paths of development and market strategies. Stratek also engages in problem solving over a wide front. This is tackled in 'detective mode' to establish the reality of a perceived problem or problem area.

Training programmes and support

Most training needs are company-specific and as a result most of Stratek's training products are adapted or developed for each specific client's needs. Other established courses and experiences are also available.

Project communications

Stratek is skilled in converting scientific and technical language into layman's language. Services flowing from this include the production of corporate and training videos, and the writing of brochures or press releases for marketing or public information purposes.

 The Stratek associates have qualifications in a wide variety of fields covering nuclear physics, chemistry, economics, psychology, law, and other fields.

 Particularly appropriate for Stratek are tasks and projects requiring a complex, multi-disciplinary approach.

Stratek associates:    Dr Kelvin Kemm MSc, PhD; Joe Aspinall MSc;
Leon Louw BJuris; Dr Tony Hayzen MSc, PhD;
Marc Swanepoel BSc(Hons); Dr Chris Cloete MSc, PhD, MBL.