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Public Speaking

Stratek can provide a number of highly qualified public speakers who cover topics related to strategy, technology, economics and law. Our speakers are very experienced in public speaking, but also and most importantly, have actually worked in the fields about which they speak. They are therefore highly credible as they speak from personal experience.

Our speakers can handle any audience ranging from high-ranking individuals, such as boards of directors, to youth groups and rural communities.

Services provided include:

Verbal presentations

Stratek can design and produce verbal presentations. These could be presentations given by company executives or by one of the Stratek Associates.

Stratek has considerable experience in presenting issues in public including radio and TV in South Africa and other countries.

Dr Kemm can be contacted directly at Stratek, or contact can be made with his agent at

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Stratek has links to many well-placed persons in government and the private sector. In many instances the implications of technology initiatives have to be explained to people such that the impact on their area of interest is clearly and logically evident.

Stratek not only has access to many expert people worldwide, but can also structure the presentation to the interest profile of the parties concerned.

Our spectrum of links and leverage is not confined to domestic contacts only, but is also international.