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Particularly appropriate for Stratek are tasks and projects requiring a complex multidisciplinary approach. Stratek can move between different professional groups and individuals to maintain all in harmony.

The Stratek Associates have qualifications in a wide variety of disciplines including: nuclear physics, chemistry, economics, law, management and policy design. Teams with additional skills are put together as required.

Stratek undertakes tasks in the following fields:

Strategic planning

This includes considering all aspects of a project or initial investigation. Stratek works together with the management team and other role players in the organisation to strategise an overall approach to the issue at hand.

Aspects of this can include chairing meetings, facilitating brainstorm sessions or think tanks, or producing paper-based guide plans.

Tactical planning

This covers developing a plan of execution that results from a strategic plan.

Project definition

Many projects are thrust upon an organisation when they present themselves as urgent problematic issues needing attention. Before a plan of attack can be developed, it is first necessary to ensure that the correct questions have been asked so that a clear Project definition can be understood by all role players. Stratek will guide and facilitate such a Project definition.

Problem solving

Many industrial or business problem issues present themselves in a rather disguised or confused form. Stratek, together with company executives, will analyse such problem issues to formulate them into manageable sub-components so as to facilitate problem definition enabling one to approach the root cause of the problems.

Project management

Multidisciplinary projects invariably have subdivisions which are very different from one another, such as technical, legal, statutory, public relations and so on.

Stratek will convene and operate multidisciplinary cooperation such that all aspects are optimally linked together.

Research and research project design

Stratek can undertake documentary research to establish the background or fundamentals of particular topics, and also can scientifically design research projects to achieve objectives.