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Technology Leadership Programme

An Applied Training Course for Tomorrow's Leaders

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The Peregrine Falcon is the emblem of the Technology Leadership Programme because of its distinguished character, its resilience in the face of adversity and its speed and accuracy when pursuing a mission.

What is TLP?

The Technology Leadership Programme (TLP) aims to expose science and engineering people to a broad set of aspects of the Management of Technology. Candidates ideally have either a University or Technikon qualification, and have had some working experience.

Challenge and strategy

Format of TLP

TLP runs over one year and is composed of four modules. Candidates are exposed to a combination of classroom-based activities as well as study visits to industrial operations.

Course content

The course content of TLP is aimed at providing exposure to a wide variety of issues that relate to the real world of technology implementation. This ranges across Law, Economics, Strategy Formulation, Project Management, amongst others.

The TLP course has been rated as being NQF level 6 with a weighting of 120 credits.


In TLP there are no exams to write. Tasks involving real industrial problems are set. Candidates visit the industrial sites to study the issues. Candidates also do verbal presentations and work in study teams.

Opinions and testimonials

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Course director: Dr Kelvin Kemm
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