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Stratek designs and develops training interventions, as well as presenting standard training products.

Due to our expertise in the analysis and definition of company situations and challenges, Stratek has depth of competence in designing specific training interventions to address specific needs.

We are able to design a wide range of diverse interventions. In cases where we do not ourselves have the in-house subject expertise; we will find suitable persons as partners in design, development or course presentation.

Stratek is also able to write guidance brochures or manuals and also produce training videos.

Stratek also trains the trainer where required.

Examples of training products:

Technology Leadership Programme (TLP)

The TLP course is a Management of Technology course aimed at young technology graduates of University or Technikon or equivalent.

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Media training

A course to expose people to the reality of radio and TV interviews. A real video camera and audio equipment is used in a real interview situation conducted by a professional radio and TV interviewer.

This course is also applicable for people exposed to one-on-one presentation or negotiation situations.

Business process reengineering

A one-day course for a group of persons aimed at exposing them to the actual reengineering of processes. This is a hands-on course in which a simple product is made by competing teams to illustrate the point. This course is presented in a few variants suitable for senior management, middle management, or supervisory persons.

Problem solving courses

Organisations frequently embark on exercises in topics such as negotiation, communication, planning, leadership etc but in all of these areas the most fundamental attribute is to be able to recognise problems that exist, and then to go about solving them systematically. Negotiation is pointless if one has not established what the actual problematic issue is, and what the desired outcome is.